Blurred Lines

I’ve always wondered why I never had that special relationship with any of my grandparents. Both of my mother’s parents are still alive while my father’s mother stands widowed. None of the three speak English particularly well and it is a constant struggle to communicate with each other. Is that it? Is that the sole reason I’ve never had that beautiful relationship so many of my close friends and other family members have with their grandparents? I honestly envy my friends with every fiber of my being when they tell me about their experiences with their grandparents. Is it my fault for not learning their native language? Is it theirs for not adapting to the circumstances?  As a proud Puerto-Rican living here in the Bronx, I have to admit that many of the said stigmas are true. Puerto-Ricans, especially those living in the Bronx, rarely know Spanish or are drastically disconnected from their heritage. I’ve been blessed to grow up around a plethora of different cultures which has ultim…

6 Degrees of Separation.

6 Degrees of Depravation. 
That's exactly what it was and every single time I watch this movie I'm highly disappointed with how wonderful the casting & plot direction is, yet the ending is awfully dry. Untapped potential in Will's first film.

It's OK.

There is nothing wrong with always being surrounded by loved ones and pleasant company. However, I still truly believe there is a significant beauty to being alone that we all need to enjoy.

You First.

You don't need to be in a relationship to be happy. You don't need to be single to be happy. Love yourself first and happiness will find you.

The Power of You.

We can find happiness and love in the simplest of things.
Find your sanctuary. 
Sail off into the sunset until that blissful harmony is yours.
Believe in the power of you.

Random Love Thoughts.

Fully convinced that the majority of people are more in love with the idea of love than actually being in love.

What If?

On countless occasions I've caught myself wondering about all the spectacular talents in the world who've never gotten their big break. How many Michael Jordan's and Jackson's, Jeter's and Manning's, are out there undiscovered and still struggling because of terrible luck and misfortune... Not just athletes, but all talents imaginable. While I agree that most of your success comes from hard work and perseverance, a good chunk of it is also luck. What if Big Sean never ran into Kanye at the studio? What if Dre tossed Em's tape back into the pile? What if 50 didn't survive those 9 shots? I can go on and on... but again, this is just one of those daunting thoughts.

More Than

Day by day we live our lives harboring baseless thoughts, marching through a world that we created. Yet, we still feel detached as if we hold no value. Day by day we neglect our full potential when we doubt ourselves. We're all guilty of it, but when are we going to realize that we're "more than"? More than just a number. More than just another minority. More than just another person in the struggle.