Blurred Lines

I’ve always wondered why I never had that special relationship with any of my grandparents. Both of my mother’s parents are still alive while my father’s mother stands widowed. None of the three speak English particularly well and it is a constant struggle to communicate with each other. Is that it? Is that the sole reason I’ve never had that beautiful relationship so many of my close friends and other family members have with their grandparents? I honestly envy my friends with every fiber of my being when they tell me about their experiences with their grandparents. Is it my fault for not learning their native language? Is it theirs for not adapting to the circumstances?  As a proud Puerto-Rican living here in the Bronx, I have to admit that many of the said stigmas are true. Puerto-Ricans, especially those living in the Bronx, rarely know Spanish or are drastically disconnected from their heritage. I’ve been blessed to grow up around a plethora of different cultures which has ultim…


She felt like a shot. Not the one that tears families apart or the one that makes you cringe when you're five. 
She felt like whiskey.  She tasted like fun.  I only wanted her at night or when I was alone.  The bitterness,  The joy.  She was fine with it as long as she fell into my mouth like gossip.  One year sober and I still thirst for her more than air.

Bad Intentions: Poetry

Their Reality

Are these new cartoons pushing the envelope with their hidden gay agenda? How could we possibly allow Disney to get away with polluting the minds of our youth with this constant gay propaganda?
Sounds absurd, right?
Welcome to 2017, where people are actually considering the inclusion of gay characters on a Disney Channel show to be “pushing it too far.” Firstly, I’d like to address the elephant in the room by pointing out the flashing rays of homophobia seeping through the blinds. Your child is not being exposed to any harmful content by watching what should assimilate reality in every aspect. It almost seems as if they’re labelling the inclusion of gay characters in a cartoon to be under the same umbrella as drugs, violence, language, and explicit depictions of sexual behavior. Although these aspects of what may be deemed unsuitable for children can be argued to be far too mature for said audiences, gay characters or the acknowledgement of a gay relationship in a cartoon is as or…

More Than One: Short Story

Strolling down Fulton street he was forced to halt and stare at the beautiful brown hair that fluttered through the wind. She marched down the sidewalk and right past him, close enough for Billy to see that it wasn’t her. The tears came streaming down his face and he suddenly realized it was over. There was nothing Billy could do or say to get back in good graces with Jamila. “I hate you… Better yet, I wish I never met you!” shouted Jamila.             The words daunted over him as he replayed that scene over and over again, trying to think of a way he could have avoided the altercation all together. Billy had just turned 24, but aside from his age, nothing about him had changed. He was still the same obnoxious and narcissistic Billy all his friends and family knew and half-heartedly loved. The one person who was able to sift through all of the flaws and weathered fault lines of his was Jamila. She had known Billy since middle-school and always seemed to find the good in him when no…